Conversion Tracker Installation - Custom

To install the “Conversion Tracker” you need to include the following code in your site’s completed order page (The page that is loaded once the order is complete).

First step: Copy this code
<script name="fp-conversions"
data-total="80.00"  data-currency="EUR"
data-user-id="56" data-coupon-code="20discount" data-shipping-cost="5" data-discount="20"
src="" async></script>

This code represents an order with 2 products which had a total cost of €80.00. This order has the id 123 and the user who completed the order has the id 56. A coupon with the code "20discount" was used, which applied a €20 discount. The shipping cost of this order was €5. You will need to insert your real order values.

Second step: Configure your parameters

Consider 2 separate sections: 

The first 8 parameters are relative to the order as a whole.
Parameter Description
data-store-url (mandatory) Your store domain.
data-total (mandatory) Total order price. Must use a dot “.” as decimal mark.
data-currency(mandatory) Currency code used.
data-order-id (mandatory) Unique identifier of the order.
data-user-id Unique identifier of the user who made the order.
data-coupon-code Coupon code used in the order.
data-shipping-cost Shipping cost payed.
data-discount Nominal discount applied in the order.
The parameters that follow the first 8 are relative to each single product purchased within the order. For each purchased item you need to add an index after “products” that starts with the value “0” and is incremented one by one.
Parameter Description
data-products-0-id (mandatory) Unique identifier of the ordered product.
This value must be equal to the data-product-id in the followprice button code.
data-products-0-price (mandatory) Price of the ordered product. Must use a dot “.” as decimal char.
If multiple items of the same kind are purchased, they should be included separately in different lines.
Once you finish the installation you will be able to see in your dashboard which items you sold via a Followprice campaign.

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