Retargeting Alerts (Store Setup)

To prepare your store to do retargeting through the retargeting alerts you will need to include the following tags. 

1. Product Page Tag

<script id="fp-popentry-script" data-store-url="" src="" async></script>
<meta itemprop="identifier" content="PRODUCT-ID">
The product id shoud match the id provided in the product feed. 

In cases that you have multiple subdomains for the same store, for instance,, we need you to define what is your master domain in this parameter. For the given example, despite the script being loaded in diferent subdoamins the parameter should always be the same: data-store-url=" 

2. Completed Order Page Tag

In order prevent retargeting on purchased products  you need to include the following code in your site’s completed order page (The page that is loaded once the order is complete).
<script id="fp-popentry-script" name="fp-conversions" 
data-products-1-id="23" data-products-2-id="56" src="" async data-format="conversions"></script>
For each purchased item you need to add an index after “products” that starts with the value “0” and is incremented one by one.  

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