Retargeting Alerts (Publisher Setup)

In the pages you with to show retargeting alerts the following code should be inserted in every page it should appear: 
<script id="fp-popentry-script" src="" async data-launcher=true data-format=ad></script>

Additional options

We have different options that will allow to customize the behavior of the alert.


If you want to limit the number of times a user sees the alet within a time interval, even if he has eligible products to show, you can set the data-show parameter in hours:
  • <time interval in hours> (default=0) - You have to pass the number in hours, for example, three hours is 3, half an hour is 0.5.
Setting format: data-show:<interval_in_hours>

This will result in the complete script:
<script id="fp-popentry-script" src="" async data-launcher=true data-show=3></script>

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