New Followprice Dashboard


The new Followprice Dashboard offers some new options like full control of all 3 Followprice widgets (Smart Alert Overlay, Followprice Button and Scrollbox). It also offers a responsive layout, so you can easily, and comfortably, use it with your tablet and/or smartphone.

You start by login in or register with an account, via this interface:


1) Create a new Store

In order to use the new dashboard, you first need to create a new store. Start by clicking in the +ADD A STORE description, as shown below.

After that you will be prompted with a small window. There you must enter at least the store name and the Domain Name (URL). The Logo URL is optional. You should see a modal just like the one below.

2) Sections

2.1) Dashboard

The Dashboard section is the main entrance to the Followprice solution. Here, you can see an aggregation of some KPI's (Key Performance Indicators), and filter them by date.

2.2) Tools

In the tools section you can configure the way your Followprice widgets behave. This section is separated in 3 widgets (Smart Alert Overlay, Follow Button and Scrollbox).

By default, any alteration you make will affect all store domains, but if you want to change some configuration for a specific domain in your store, you can easily select the domain as shown in the picture below.

2.3) Collected Emails

In the collected emais section you have access to the emails collected with the Followprice button, from relevant users that subscribed to notifications. You can copy this list to the clipboard, export it (CSV, Excel and PDF) or print it, directly from the dashboard.

2.4) Subscriptions

Every Followprice account comes with a free plan with 500 notifications. If you want to continue with the service up and running after that you need to upgrade to a plan. There are 3 different plans (Bronze, Silver and Gold), priced according to the number of notifications they give.

If you want a tailored plan that doesn't suit your needs, you can contact us via and we'll create a custom plan for you.

2.5) Store Settings

In this section, you can easily add more domains for you online store. Be default, when you create a Store you give it a domain, so, by the fisrt time you click in the Store Settings tab, it should look like the picture above. You can change the name of your store, add a URL for your Store Logo (not set by default), view your Store Key and add other domains.

2.5.1) Add a new store domain

To add a new domain, click in the Add+ blue button.

It will open a new row in the Store Domains table and will let you enter a new domain for your existing store. After you enter the domain, click in the green disk icon and don't forget to click the Save changes green button. As shown in the picture below:

2.6) Help & Support

For more questions, contact us at

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