Predictive Overlay Test Guide

1) Check if it is installed correctly

As you may know, the installation of the predictive overlay have two different parts. Installing in product page to record all the users' activity and the installation in the pages (we recommend the homepage) where you want to show the overlay.

1.1) In product page
To check if our script is installed correctly in you products page you just have to visit a product and check if in the localStorage of your browser there is an object called "followprice_products" with a list of products.

1.2) In homepage (or any other page you want the overlay to show up)
If it's all good with the product page script (1.1) you just have to do the 3.1 test case (it is the simplest one) to check if it is all working correctly. When doing that test case if the overlay doesn't show up, please contact us (
If changing prices in you backoffice takes too much time you can go to the browser localStorage and edit the object "followprice_products" raising the saved prices of each product (field "follow_price") so our technology will think the price dropped when checking that product. Notice, when you revisit a product the price will be updated to the right one again.

2) Requirements

Our technology use a scrapping system on demand. What this mean? When the user visits your homepage (or any other page you have installed our predictive overlay), our technology will go through the followed products of that user and visit each product page to verify if there is any price change. Because of that, if you have some kind of restrictions that won't allow our technology to visit your products pages in your test environment let us know (

3) Test cases to see it working

Notice that the product of visited products by the user is stored in browser localStorage. To guarantee the integrity of the following tests after each one you have to delete the object "followprice_products" from your localStorage.

3.a) Price changes

When a user visit a set of products, our technology records this activity. Later if he comeback to the store and the products had a price drop the overlay will show up with this information.

1) Visit products (product A, product B, product C)
2) Change prices (A, C)
3) Return homepage and expect to see the predictive overlay (containing the products changes of A and C)

3.b) Prices don't change

The same rationale of the previous one, but if you don't change any price and the user comeback to the homepage (or the page you had installed the predictive overlay), the overlay won't show up.

1) Visit products (product A, product B, product C)
2) Don't change any products' price
3) Return homepage it doesn't show the predictive overlay

3.c) Product dismissed

We call "product dismiss", when you are seeing the overlay and you choose to close it or click on "next". For us, this means you are not interested in that information, so the product is marked as dismissed and it won't show up again unless you visit the product page again.

1) Do the procedure a) 
2) In the homepage, with the overlay showed up, dismiss the first product showed
3) Go to homepage again (just refresh it) expect different product to be show in first

3.d) See dismissed product again

Like we said before, if you visit the product page of the dismissed product it will get back to the showed list.

1) Do the procedure c)
2) Go to the dismissed product page again
3) Drop price of the product
4) Go homepage expect the product being in list again

3.e) Product deletion

If for any reason you delete a product, it will be removed from the product list of the user.

1) Visit products A and B
2) Change prices of both
3) Delete product B
4) Go homepage expect the overlay with the product A only

2.f) Product updated with new price after redirect

When the user clicks on a product showed in the predictive overlay it will redirect him to the product page allowing him to buy it. If the user doesn't buy the product we understand that price isn't good enough for him yet, so we proceed to update this information and our technology will only show him this product again if the price drops relatively with this last price information. This price update is also true if the user visits by himself the product page and its price is lower than the previous stored by our technology.

1) Visit product A
2) Change its price
3) Go to homepage and show the predictive overlay
4) Click in product A and be redirected to its page
5) Go to homepage and don't show the predictive overlay

2.g) Product updated with new price get a new change

Continuing the logic of 2.f) you can check the overlay works correctly after a price update.

1) Do the procedure f)
2) Change price product A
3) Go to homepage and show the predictive overlay

2.h) Dismiss products after purchase

If you proceed to install our conversion tracker our technology will be able to dismiss the purchased products from the user's list so it will not be showed in the predictive overlay, unless the user visits the product again.

1) Do the procedure a)
2) Click on the first product and proceed to buy it
3) Go to the homepage and verify the product isn't in the predictive overlay anymore

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